CNC Closed Deck Short Motors

Our own CNC Closed Deck Short Motor program has begun!
Customer to supply short motor

Picture 1 - FA20DIT $990 inc GST

Picture 2 and 3 - EG33 $1375 inc GST

Picture 4 - EJ20-EJ25 Type 1 (Non Airpump) $880 inc GST - Other options: RSS CNC pinned mains $240, RSS CNC 14x1.5 drill and tap headstuds $220

Picture 5 - EJ25 Late model Airpump head gasket with pinned mains and drill and tapped for 14x1.5 14mm headstuds, Owner supplies cases only $1400 inc GST, RSS supplied cases $1860 inc GST

Picture 6 - EJ25 Type 2 Airpump short motor with RSS drag closed decking

Picture 7 - GC-GD 94-05 (inc some Legacy and Forester) water header tanks and sprayer bottle kits, from $330 inc GST

More options and pictures to come!

FA20DIT Closed
FA20DIT Closed
EG33 1
EG33 2
EJ20 EJ25 Type 1
EJ20-EJ25 Type 1
EJ25 Latemodel
EJ25 Late Model
EJ25 Type 2
EJ25 Type 2
GC GD 94-05 Waterheader Tank
GC-GD 95-05 Waterheader Tank
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